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We Need To Combat Psychoactive Substance Abuse

Today the RIR (React, Include, Recycle)-Madeira party firmly stood behind their beliefs that it is time to stand up and fight against the uptake of psychoactive substances.  “The consumption of this type of drug is reaching uncontrollable numbers and must be fought on different fronts, such as the identification of traffickers, introduction of heavy penalties, and more information and education in these areas.”

RIR coordinator, Liana Reis went on to say:

“The socialist party of Madeira, demands the immediate intervention of the Government of the Republic, stating that as they have a majority government they have the power to change current drug-related laws, but seem apathetic about doing so.

The increased level of consumption has nothing to do with the number of police officers on the street, but with the lack of legislation appropriate to new situations of trafficking and consumption.  António Costa’s government wants nothing to do with the islands, and therefore, turns its back on them, but the situation currently growing in Madeira and the Azores will certainly reach the continent, and then yes, they will take action, but already it will be too late!”

Samantha Gannon

info at madeira-weekly/com

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