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World Non-Smoking Day Challenge

World Non-smoking day takes place on the 17th of November, and the Regional Health Secretariat (SRS), today issued a challenge to the population.

“The challenge is: For the sake of your health, stop smoking!”

The aim is to praise those who do not smoke and who by not doing so protect the physical and mental health of themselves and those around them.

World anti-smoking day aims to raise awareness of the health consequences of smoking, namely respiratory diseases, heart disease, and various types of cancer.

In a statement, an SRS spokesperson said:

“Associated health problems affect smokers and non-smokers. For this reason, it is important to advocate the healthy behaviour of those who have never smoked and those who have quit.  Addiction is a disease that is treatable. The nicotine present in tobacco is a psychoactive addictive substance.”

They concluded by saying:

“If you want to stop smoking this is the day to do it! Help is at hand, as many of the region’s health centres operate smoking cessation consultations.

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