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Miquel Albuquerque Visits Lombo do Urzal Pumping Station

The President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, will tomorrow at 11:30 am visit the construction works of the Lombo do Urzal Lifting Station, in Boaventura. This station will serve as an adduction booster to the Levada dos Tornos.

The official statement reads: 

“The Regional Government is strengthening the adduction to the Tornos Channel. One of the works integrated within the project is the construction of the Lombo do Urzal Lifting (pumping) Station, located in Boaventura, which represents an investment of 3.34 million euros, financed under the PRR. Work began in July 2022, and completion is scheduled for July 2023. 

The Project of Lombo do Urzal is the first of the 9 projects of the Recovery and Resilience Plan – PRR, to be implemented within the framework of the water management of AMR.

It should be stressed, that the Regional Government has set four main objectives to prepare the Region for fluctuations in water availability, arising from climate change, which will cost in the region of 70 million euros.

The four main objectives:

1 – Capture unused waters that still flow into the sea;

2 – Connect the two main water systems of Madeira (Tornos canal and north);

3 – Reduce water losses in channels and networks;

4 – Increase the capacity of water storage at altitude;

These investments are essential to ensure that the water needs of the general population and economic and agricultural activities are met. An increase in water, approximately 50 l/s to the Levada dos Tornos, will benefit around 7,500 farmers.

Part of this work includes the construction of a reservoir, pumping station, and the installation of pipelines.”

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