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Horários do Funchal New Initiative

The Board of Directors of The Administração da Empresa Horários do Funchal – Transportes Públicos, S.A. (HF), launched its new campaign ‘HF Test-Drive,’ which runs from today, the 12th of October until the 1st of January 2023.

In a company statement, HF says:

“The campaign aims to promote the use of public transport to those who usually never travel by bus.  Instead of driving, the customer is driven by us, in comfort and safety. The advantages of this are that you can enjoy the landscape of Funchal, have time to read, study, use your mobile phone, and save time trying to park.”

Moreover, this is “an unprecedented public urban transport service initiative, which aims to encourage new customers, by allowing them to understand and experience that public transport can service their travelling needs, before committing themselves to purchasing a monthly bus pass.

Interested parties have until the 24th of December to register for the ‘HF Test-drive’.  To do this, all you need to do is visit a HF Store (located Anadia or Pinga), and purchase a 5-euro GIRO card which will be credited with unlimited free travel for seven consecutive days.

Should you then wish to purchase a monthly pass, the five euros already spent will be deducted from the initial month’s payment.  The only exceptions to this are people who already are eligible for free travel passes including  Social Pension Pass 0, Social Pass Child, Old Combatant Pass, and Student Social Pass with any type of Social Support School.

This initiative is also available to customers who have not used their pass for more than twelve months.

The campaign, ‘HF Test-Drive’, will be displayed and advertised in various media outlets, such as television (RTP / M), Playce NOS EMPRESAS (cable TV system recording platform), as well as HF advertising spaces, such as bus doors, public sales, and information desks and kiosks, as well as social networks and the company’s website (

Other promotion initiatives are also planned for the future.

The future is bright, the future is travelling by public transport.

Samantha Gannon

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