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Madeiran Represents Portugal in PCR Pre-Hospital Study

Vítor Hugo Correia is a specialist in medical-surgical nursing at SESARAM, and the Regional Emergency Medical Service (SEMER), and has already been distinguished by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) for his work on Resuscitation in Portugal. He is also one of the 31 coordinators from 31 countries developing a study that involves more than 200 million inhabitants.

The EMIR medical team’s health professional is also participating in the final work of a large European study entitled “EuReCa Three,” which takes place in Germany, together with other health professionals from over 30 nations, where all the data on cardiorespiratory arrest (CRA) will be brought together. More than 500 health workers are involved in the study, in addition to those responsible for each country.

These doctors, nurses and other health professionals are preparing the final report on the treatment and results of the large-scale European study, which was guided in Portugal and had as coordinator Vítor Hugo Correia. This is the largest research study ever carried out on the “Pre-Hospital CPA” phenomenon in Europe, involving 200 million inhabitants, where more than 40,000 pre-hospital CRAs are analyzed.

The “EuReCa” is a work of several European health professionals studying and recording cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA) on the European continent. It is developed by the European Registry of Cardiac Arrest (EuReCa), which has already had two results from previous studies. The “EureCa One”, which was nothing more than an epidemiological, multicentre study of understanding and trends in CRP over a period of one month, with results fully developed in Europe. This work allowed for an understanding of the incidence of pre-hospital CPA and involved 27 countries and 174 million inhabitants. In all, nearly eleven thousand PCR events were involved. EureCa Two had the same goals, but for a period of three months.

EureCa Three started in Germany on the 20th of September.

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