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SESARAM Respond to JPP Accusations

Yesterday, and in response to criticisms against its breast cancer screening programme, SESARAM released a press statement.

In the statement, the regions national health service deem it “unfortunate that the Junto’s Pelo Povo (JPP) party, are repeatedly attempting to disrupt the normal functioning of the Breast Cancer Screening Programme.”

JPP deputy, Paulo Alves, yesterday wrote….

“It is regrettable the disrespect of SESARAM and the lack of humility in assuming the failures of the Regional Health Service, leading users to believe that they have a breast cancer screening service available and in full operation, when the Board of Directors knows very well that this is not true.”

Responding to this, SESARAM wants it to be universally known that “the equipment, without exception, requires maintenance.” They also add, that SEARAM will continue with their 8th round of routine breast cancer screening as planned.”

Samantha Gannon

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