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New Drowning Prevention Initiative

The Regional Health Directorate (DRS), chilling reminded the population today that death by drowning “is quick and silent” and has become a “serious problem.” Therefore the following advice has been issued.

– Avoid swimming alone;

– Do not overestimate your ability to swim;

– Never dive in places where you do not know the depth;

– Do not drink alcohol before bathing in the sea/pools;

– Before entering the water, wet your face and neck, in order to minimise the risk of thermal shock;

– When fishing on rocks, always assess the risk;

– On boat trips, it is recommended to use an approved life jacket of the appropriate size;

– Keep constant attention on children when they are near water;

– Do not let children swim in unsupervised waters;

– If you have a swimming pool at home, insulate it by placing a secure fence around it;

– Avoid leaving toys near the pool, this attracts children;

– After use, always empty the inflatable pools;

– Do not leave buckets and/or bathtubs with water around the house or outside;

– Cover wells with a seal or a solid cover.

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