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Earth Overshoot Day Celebrated

Humanity is on the brink of destruction, and Earth Overshoot Day certainly shone a light on the fragility of planet earth.  As of the 28th of July 2022, humanity has consumed everything that the planet can produce in a year without running out, and as of now, we are now running up a huge debt. 

“The Global Footprint Network and WWF, warn that 1 Planet is no longer enough to feed life on Earth – and that now, with demand as it is, it will take 1.75 Earth planets to feed and support us if we do nothing! And although cows are usually blamed for most of our planet woes, the finger of blame has been squarely pointed at human beings. 

Taking part in this was political party People – Animals – Nature (PAN), who are determined to fight for our planet, by reducing our ecological footprint, for organic agriculture, the preservation of ecosystems, limitation of construction, cleaning of different waste, and most importantly, for the preservation of all forms of Life.

In a statement, PAN Madeira stated that it “does not understand that a species that searches the Universe for life forms and other habitable planets, is not able to safeguard Life on its own Planet.”

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