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Institute of Social Security Explains Delays

After the chaos and confusion yesterday at the Institute of Social Security, a press statement was released to JM late last night.

“The situation of the unusual delays in service, which was verified today, has already been duly identified, and steps will be taken to minimise the situation and reduce waiting times.”

As JM disclosed in its online edition, the environment in the Social Security of Madeira, more specifically in the Funchal building, was not pleasant for the users who went there. This is proved by the various testimonies that reached our newsroom. One of them, who arrived before 2:00 pm, was seen only at 4:30 pm, and even so, even after protesting against the delay, he was allegedly confronted by a security guard who told him that he did not have a right to complain and he did not understand what was going on. He was not the only one, as others complained that they had to wait for three hours before being seen by a member of staff.

In response to JM, the Regional Secretary for Inclusion and Citizenship, explained the reasons for the delays:

He states that “the summer period, with the arrival of many emigrants, has caused a greater influx to public services. In addition, today, the 25th of July, the institute had been overwhelmed by the number of people who were able to receive priority assistance.  These factors, which have now been identified will be resolved, through the reallocation of human resources, in order to reinforce the service desks, thus easing waiting times.”

However, the Social Security Institute of Madeira has issued an appeal:  “At this time of year, and so that situations like yesterday can be minimized, the institute asks that as many citizens as possible use the online tools available, which will in turn reduce the number of people directly accessing Social Security manned counters.

Furthermore, many of the face-to-face services provided can be handled using the following tools:

·SIGAapp to obtain a virtual password for attendance, in the central services of ISSM, IP-RAM. Service by appointment can be done online through the Siga Portal ( ) or Siga App (Download through Google Play or App Store). This service allows you to schedule an appointment in a simple and comfortable way, choose the place, day and time to be attended and search, change or cancel previously scheduled appointments, reducing waiting time and improving the quality of service that, with prior scheduling, is immediate and pre-prepared.

· Direct Social Security ) , where it is possible to deal with matters and avoid unnecessary trips to services. Direct Social Security is a direct, fast, effective, comfortable and safe channel that allows citizens and companies, through the internet, to enjoy Social Security services, without traveling or complex processes. To access Direct Social Security, you need the Social Security Identification Number and the access password”.

It also adds that “all citizens who have their Social Security contacts updated (mobile phone number or email address) can register with Social Security Direct and obtain the access password instantly (by email or sms), without having to to wait for the pin letter to be sent to the address. With the password on time, you can immediately use the services available in Direct Social Security, including benefits, pensions and support. Through this channel, available every day, at any time, It is possible to consult information about your situation with Social Security, obtain the Declaration of Contribution Status, update/change your data and submit requests for various social benefits.”

Concluding, the Social Security Institute of Madeira states that “it intends to provide the best possible service to citizens, and for that reason, will do everything to try to minimise this situation and improve our services, offering, at all times, the best solutions, and the best and most appropriate service.”

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