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Construction Work in Madalena do Mar is Not Illegal

Last updated on 12th July 2022

The Regional Secretary for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Susana Prada, gave a blanket assurance today, confirming that the construction being carried out by the Regional Government in Madalena do Mar is not illegal.

According to the Regional Secretary’s office, during her speech at the commemorative anniversary session of the Canhas parish council, the minister took the opportunity to clarify to the mayor of Ponta do Sol, Célia Pessegueiro, about the ownership of the lands of Madalena do Mar.

Susana Prada went on to explain that land which is less than 50 metres away from the sea is in the Public Maritime Domain, therefore, owned by everyone and not just the municipality.

Replying to a message left by Célia Pessegueiro, stating that the Regional Government had authorised Ponta do Oeste, SA, the right to occupy a rustic building located in Vargem, in the parish da Madalena do Mar, land that, she stressed, “is owned by the Municipality of Ponta do Sol.” Therefore, the City Council brought a civil action against the Regional Government so that the Court could “confirm and recognise that the said building belongs to the municipality.”

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