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CTT Go On Strike On Friday

CTT informs that a general strike has been scheduled by the National Union of Postal and Telecommunications Workers and the Democratic Union of Postal, Telecommunications, Media and Services Workers, for Friday the 17th of June.  

CTT’s official press statement, reads as follows:

“CTT prepared, as usual, a contingency plan to minimise possible impacts felt in the operation. This includes the anticipation of distribution for the holiday – eve of the day of the strike – as well as the mobilisation of resources on the following Saturday, when justified to recover from any delays.

CTT respects the right to strike, provided for in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, an inalienable right in the form of expression of employees. However, CTT cannot help but be surprised and repudiate the dates chosen by the workers’ representative organisations for the event, in a week with a public holiday – as had already happened in previous general strikes -.

Thus, CTT strongly condemns and regrets that the strike falls after a bank holiday and before a weekend, and therefore, repudiates the reasoning behind it. 

Samantha Gannon

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The parties, as they always do every year, began a negotiation process of consultation to reach a salary agreement. In these meetings, constructive dialogue was always present in an attempt to reach an agreement, but it was not possible to reach the desired understanding. Therefore, CTT cannot accept that there was a lack of negotiation dialogue with the unions, when there was a negotiation process with a view to reaching an agreement between the parties.

Thus, CTT, as is public, so as not to harm its workers, will proceed with a minimum increase of 7.5 euros for the Company’s workers with the lowest monthly salaries, under the Company Agreement currently in force. . This increase of 7.5 euros will be applied to workers with a monthly base salary between 705.01 euros and 2,853.17 euros as at 31 December 2021. In addition, to employees who were covered by the evolution of the National Minimum Wage applied to From January 1, 2022, a minimum increase of 7.5 euros is ensured, compared to the monthly base remuneration earned on December 31, 2021.”

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