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Family Desperately Trying to Find Missing Father

João Francisco Martins Vieira, better known as Severino, who was admitted yesterday to Dr. Nélio Mendonça hospital, due to a fall following an epileptic seizure has gone missing. 

The man’s daughter, Aline, says that she received an SMS from the hospital at 1:05 pm yesterday informing her that her father was taking pain medication and that he was waiting for a CAT scan.

At around 18:00, and worried that she hadn’t received any news about her father from the health authorities, she contacted them, to be told that he father had been discharged.  From then on the family have no idea where he is, and are desperately worried as he is not carrying a wallet or any form of identification.

Later on this evening, the daughter herself received a call from a woman at the hospital saying that she had seen this man in her health unit.  The woman said that she recognised him from the photograph and description of what he was wearing (brown/burgundy coat and blue trousers).

However, when the daughter phoned the hospital to try and verify that the man in question was her father, and ask them to keep him safe until a family member came to collect him, no one answered the phone. 

The PSP has been contacted with regards to the situation.

Samantha Gannon

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