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Hopes Diminish For Missing Woman

The family of Lúcia Freitas, who has been missing since last Tuesday in Porto da Cruz received two possible sightings of her in Machico today. However, so far, the searches have been fruitless, even though her son Lúcio Djaló, and 18 volunteers took part in the search.  

In a statement, Lúcio Djaló said, “we have searched all day. I came with my friends, and others came to help as well, but so far we have found nothing.  We have already mounted an extensive search in Porto da Cruz, especially scrub land, but we have found no trace of her.  We have literally looked everywhere, and the local fire brigade have assisted us in our searches.

With regard to today’s news, there were two people who said they saw a person here at the Machico bus station, but I am not sure that they have the right person.  It is difficult, as it has been several days since I have seen my mother.” 

Lúcia Freitas has been missing since last Tuesday from the family farm in Achada, in Porto da Cruz. Lúcio Djaló also clarified that his mother’s lack of mobility may be more to do with transportation rather than physical, and that because of this she must have walked somewhere!

If anyone has any information, please contact the family on 961 958 518 or  966 931 692.

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