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A house for the homeless

Under the “Recovery and Resilience” Plan, Madeira will spend 4 million euros to help the homeless population until 2025. The first step was the inauguration of a house donated by the “LAPS” Foundation. This space, which can accommodate five persons, will be managed by “CASA Madeira”, a support institution for the Homeless. (CASA already runs other activities, such as breakfasts and dinners for this group.) A vacant house in Funchal has been converted for this purpose. The Mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado, said that the institutions want to help people in social vulnerability who proliferate on the streets of Funchal, asking the five occupants of “Co Abrigo” to be an example that help is possible. Sílvia Ferreira, president of CASA, called this a dream come true with the support of LAPS with the recovery of a donated vacant house. Five people will be accompanied for six months by technicians and helped to reintegrate into society.

Despite the work of the institutions, there are many who do not want help in rehabilitation.

Ursula Hahn
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