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Vaccination or Test Certificates Needed to Board Buses

Public transport company Horários do Funchal, is already asking passengers to present either their Vaccination Certificate or a negative antigen test statement on entering their buses. 

This was confirmed by JM this morning, where a driver asked everyone who entered the vehicle for one of the two documents. As expected many of the passengers protested, saying was it really necessary to have to locate and present documentation before boarding a bus.

However, it is thought that bus drivers have brought this measure in early, so that passengers are fully prepared for when the law changes on Saturday the 27th of November, where it is compulsory to either produce proof of a negative antigen test or a vaccination certificate.

As many realise the Regional Government, who wished to implement the new changes on Saturday the 20th, relented, and have given the population, especially business owners, a week in which to adapt to the new measures. 

Samantha Gannon
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