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8th Annual Breast Cancer Screening

From the 25th of August to the end of October/November 2021, SESARAM will start its 8th annual São Gonçalo, Breast Cancer Screening programme, and the mammograms will take place at the Breast Cancer Screening Centre, on the 1st floor of the Dr. Agostinho Cardoso Centre, Funchal.

SESARAM estimates that the programme will screen approximately 1,352 women aged between 45 – 69.  All those called forward, will be summoned in officially invited to attend in alphabetical order.  All notifications will include the date, time and place of the mammogram.

The RAM Breast Cancer Screening is a population-based screening, aimed at asymptomatic women, without relevant risk factors and in the aforementioned age group.  All those called forward will be asked to provide personal information including personal and family history, any hormonal medication being used, any changes in breast size, among other things.  The mammogram will be performed in four standard views, which will be submitted for independent verification by two radiologists. Any disagreement between the two radiologists will result in a further screening.

Furthermore, if there is any doubt, those women who results need further investigation will be called forward for a consultation, during which one of the radiologists will carry out an additional assessment which will include patient history, previous examination comparison, palpation, additional detailed screening and ultrasound.

In the current context of covid-19 vaccination, and due to the possibility of reactive adenopathy’s (large of swollen lymph nodes), that pose differential diagnosis problems with malignant adenopathy’s, SESARAM advises that anyone who has had their second Pfizer or first AstraZeneca vaccine within six weeks of their appointment, to reschedule for a later date to ensure that a correct and accurate screening can take place.

The mammography screening is intended for asymptomatic women, without relevant familial risk factors. A Diagnostic Mammography is intended for symptomatic women, where the mammogram will include a breast examination, palpation and if necessary a breast ultrasound. Women with familial risk must be accompanied.

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