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Covid – 19: 78 Active Cases in Porto Santo

During a press conference this evening, Pedro Ramos, the Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection, confirmed that there are a total of 78 active, and 30 recovered Covid-19 cases in Porto Santo. There are also 15 transmission chains, and a new isolation centre has been created to cope with the influx of new infectees.

In lieu of all this, Pedro Ramos has issued a plea to all the young people currently holidaying on the island to behave sensibly, and adhere to all the pandemic health and safety measures that are in place.  He went on to reiterate that the pandemic is by no means over, and that the Regional Government is still working towards its goal of having 70% of the population vaccinated by the end of September, and anyone who has been identified as a positive case contact, should not travel or attend any vaccination centre appointment.

Due to the high proportion of youngsters (14 – 15 years old) currently holidaying in Porto Santo, the Regional Government has stated that it will not be sending in the Rapid Response Brigade (BIR) to deal with the situation.

However, yesterday, the Regional Government requested the support of the Public Security Police (PSP), asking them to take immediate affirmative action in all non Covid-19 compliance health and safety measure cases.   

According to local media outlet, JM, several infringement notices for non-compliance of all pandemic safety rules were immediately served, and so far nearly 50 offences have already been logged, with most of the offenders being Porto Santo residents. 

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