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Rui Barreto Receives Payment from Chega

The news fell like a bombshell when it was announced that that the leader of CDS-Madeira, Rui Barreto, and four other party members had received €29,880 from César do Paço, the high-profile Chega financier.

In response to the revelation, the Deputy of the Liberal Initiative Coordinating Committee, Nuno Morna, today questioned the legality of the loan of 29,880 euros that was reported in media outlet SIC’s Great Report yesterday.  In a press note, he asked, “why was this money distributed to several party members in amounts not exceeding €5,000? And why was it not paid into the party account, when the party was going through a ‘financially difficult moment?’

“If the money was to be used to pay party bills, and since it is in individual accounts, how would these payments be processed? Did each person pay towards the pending party expenses with the money deposited in their account?”

Nuno Morna also casts doubt on the reason why the payment of this loan was not returned immediately or at the moment when César do Paço’s lawyer contacted Rui Barreto, but only 18 months later, and a few days after the leader of CDS-Madeira was contacted by SIC.

“The argument that they lost contact with the lender does not make sense, least of all because all bank transfers show the account number from which the money has been transferred. Where was the money during this time? Was it earning interest in the accounts of Rui Barreto’s trusted people? How was the money returned and from whose accounts? Or was it one sum from the party account? These questions need to be answered, declared Nuno Morna.

Reacting to the news, the President of Madeira said that he was not surprised by this development as Rui Barreto had contacted him before the SIC report was released and had assured him that the sums of money had been a loan and not a financial gift, which would have been illegal.  Therefore, he said, I believe and trust Rui Barreto’s account and this will in no way affect the PSD / CDS coalition or governance.

Concluding he said, the coalition “would be weakened if there were illegalities, but as nothing untoward has happened the coalition remains strong.”

Of course the one questioned that hasn’t been asked, and that is, who is willing to be bribed for such a paltry sum?

Samantha Gannon

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Photo: Nuno Morna

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