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Banana Farmers Receive 750,000 Euros Support

The Regional Government of Madeira, in conjunction with the Banana Sector Management Company (GESBA), yesterday transferred ‘support’ payments to 2,850 banana producers in Madeira totalling €750,000. The individual support payments equate to the amount of banana production land cultivated by each farmer in 2020.

According to a press note, the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development, Humberto Vasconcelos, wrote, ‘the financial aid given is intended to support banana growers in the acquisition of banana associated products such as fertilizer and plant protection equipment, which will maintain and improve the quality of the banana plants and fruits.

He went on to say that ‘the financial aid, which has been in effect since 2018, and takes into account an increase depending on the quality of the banana and for producers whose agricultural holdings are certified with the Global GAP standard, as well as those who farm organically. This year’s support represents a 3.5 cent increase (5%) on previous years and is proof that the government is actively supporting the island’s banana growers.’

On average, Madeira produces more than 20 thousand tonnes of bananas each year, which are vital to the region’s economy.  As such, its size and relevance make this sector one of the most important for the development and sustainability of regional agriculture.

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