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Animals Need to be Sterilised

In line with a Regional Legislative Decree (DLR) project by the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), party member Ricardo Lume spoke at a recent plenary meeting of the need to create a 2021 Animal (pet) Sterilisation Campaign.

While talking to those present, Ricardo Lume acknowledged that as a result of the pandemic “there were new difficulties and that many families were unable to guarantee the welfare of their pets and as such were abandoning them. What is needed” he said “is a new strategy, that guarantees the welfare of animals (pets) and that sterilisation made perfect sense as in essence the potential increase in cruelty to animal (pets) through abandonment and neglect is a public health issue.”

PSD deputy, Nuno Maciel waded in, stating that four years ago, through the Regional Legislative Decree 13 of 2016” a legal action was brought in protect stray animals from euthanasia and that each municipality has to have a qualified veterinarian to assist in the assessment of these animals.  However, although this is a mandatory requirement, records show that up to December 2018, only three municipalities had a vet as part of their team.

The PSD deputy further argued that the registration, sterilisation, and vaccination of animals is a reality and highlighted the invaluable role of animal associations who have signed protocols with the Regional Government.  In addition, a study is underway to assess how much money should be allocated for a massive sterilisation campaign.

Unfortunately for the PSD deputy, Tânia Freitas of the Socialist Party (PS) stated that she couldn’t find any allocations in the 2021 Regional Budget in support of animal welfare.  All she could find was allocation of money for a pet crematorium.  Responding to this, Nuno Maciel explained that the amount for animal welfare will be calculated within the minister’s own budget.

Rafael Nunes Juntos Pelo Povo (JPP), on the other hand, praised that pioneering spirit in the prohibition of animal slaughter, which “placed the Region on a sublime level”. But he warned “there is still much to be done”, sharing that “we agree with the generality of this diploma presented by the PCP.”

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