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52,000 Euros Invested in Ribeiro Seco Aqueduct

The Mayor of Funchal, Miguel Silva Gouveia, and the councillor for Public Works, Rúben Abreu, recently visited the restoration works that are taking place to the support structures of the Ribeiro Seco Aqueduct, in São Martinho.

The Mayor said that “the main objective of the work is to restore the historic Ribeiro Seco Aqueduct, focusing on the recovery and treatment of the entire metal support structure of the duct, and also the rehabilitation of the concrete support pillars, which includes the removal of degraded concrete, treatment of iron elements and the application of a new layer of concrete.”

The Aqueduct consists of five sections, divided into two extreme east / west sections (with 9.0 and 5.7 m spans respectively).  Taking into account the historical interest of the monument, and the specificity of the works to be undertaken, the Funchal City Council carried out a prior assessment of the conversation status of the aqueduct, which is showing signs of degradation, in order to allow for the reparation work which will conserve and protect its cultural, architectural and functional heritage.

The restoration works represent an investment of €52,000.

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