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Tell Them to Wear Masks

The President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque said that the recent Covid-19 transmission in Porto Santo needed vigilance to maintain and control the situation.  As such, he appealed to all hoteliers, saying: “I ask you to recommend to our tourists, who are happily returning to Madeira, to wear a mask whenever they go out. It is important that people make this small sacrifice and wear a mask, in order to prevent what happened in Porto Santo happening in Madeira.”

Later he added, “we could have a local infection outbreak here, in Madeira, which would be very difficult to control.” However, he did admit that the situation in Porto Santo appears to be under control, although nothing can be taken for granted, he said, until all the results are known.

Warming to his theme he categorically stated that “without carful management and the participation of the country as a whole, the situation can worsen, as in Italy, Spain, and even in the Portuguese continent, where the President considered “the numbers are catastrophic again.”

Concluding he said, “here in Madeira, we have to be judicious and careful. We cannot relax, we have to keep our distance, wear a mask, and try to make a living, while adhering to all the necessary precautions.”

Samantha Gannon

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