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Please Wear Your Mask

The Portuguese Lung Foundation has defended the extension of mask wearing to all public places, even if they are outside, to combat the pandemic, and ‘strongly’ advise health authorities to take precautionary action.

In a statement released on Friday, the 14th of August, the Foundation believes that wearing masks will  contribute to a ‘more effective control of the pandemic.’ The use of a mask is already mandatory in enclosed public places, but the institution argues that it should be extended to outdoor locations unless a social distance of two metres can be ‘indisputably assured.’

The Foundation also warns of the need to improve preventive behavioral attitudes among the Portuguese population with regard to respiratory etiquette, disinfection of hands and surfaces, and social distancing, in addition to the use of a mask in all indoor and outdoor public spaces.  Their proposals come at a time when Portugal and the rest of the world are battling to control the pandemic, and with its current infection rate of only 0.3% of the world’s population, they fear that the virus has huge progression potential. 

Furthermore, their document also warns that we are about to enter a new phase of ‘pandemic social life, with the re-opening of schools and other activities, which, with the increase in proximity between people, will increase the risk viral transmission. And just to complicate matters further, all this will coincide with ‘flu season’ creating even more cause for concern. 

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