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Some Masks Are Better Than Others

An alert was made by the Directorate-General for Consumers (DGC) this week, stating that four types of face masks do not comply with current health and safety regulations.

According to the DGC, the masks in question (three of Chinese origin and one of unknown origin) are “insufficient” in preventing virus from entering the material unless additional protection is used, and in a worse case scenario, could even increase the risk of infection.

The masks have already been identified by the European Rapid Alert System for Non-food Products (Rapex), with the DGC banning the sale of one of the models (FFP2 KN95) and destroying a second  (YK01 FFP2), both made in China.

With regards to the two other models, KN95 (from China) and the JY.M9 (of unknown origin),  the DGC has issued an health and safety alert.

Samantha Gannon

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