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Airport Contingency Plans Plea


Since March this year, the ‘WE, Citizens Party!’ have been questioning the Regional Government, and in particular the President of the Government, Miguel Albuquerque and the Secretary of Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, about the creation, existence and application of a “Contingency Plan” for the island’s airport when strong winds impact on its operational effectiveness.

The party continues to ask if there is an effective contingency plan, and if there is, why was it not brought into operation last week when strong winds resulted in flight cancellations.  And if this is a ‘cyclical problem,’ why has no action been taken to minimise the impact on the islands economy and popularity as a holiday destination?

In short, they demand to know what solutions the regional government is considering to ensure that Madeira does not remain a victim of the ‘strong wind epidemic’ that overshadows the operational effectiveness of the airport throughout the year.

Samantha Gannon

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