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São Vicente Honoured with New Orchid

Last updated on 21st July 2020

On the 8th of July, Pedro Spínola’s new hybrid orchid, ‘Dendrobium Charme de São’ Vicente was registered in honour of the parish of São Vicente.

After the registration and official presentation of the first municipality named orchid last October, registered in honour of the municipality of Ribeira Brava, the municipality of São Vicente has now been eternalised through the registration of ‘Dendrobium Charme de São’ Vicente’ with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the international body for the registration of new hybrids.

Dendrobium Charme de São Vicente is the result of the cross between two species of Dendrobium, a genus native to the Asian continent;  more precisely between Dendrobium hercoglossum and Dendrobium friedricksianum.

In his official statement, Pedro Spínola said that “after pollination, there were still a few months of waiting for the seeds to germinate at the MicroLab laboratories, in Lugar de Baixo.  However, this wasn’t the end, as he had to wait until the orchid flowered before he could officially register it with the competent authorities.

Luckily the orchid flowered quickly compared to how long the process can usually take, and once seeing the blooms, Pedro, decided that the vigor of the plant combined with the simple spring coloured flowers was typical of the Laurissilva of São Vicente, and so the orchid was named.

For several decades Madeira has been known as the island of flowers and although some believe that this name has been tarnished over the years, the sector is thought to have immense potential, especially for orchid growers and producers.

Pedro finally concluded by saying that he was thrilled with the completion of the second hybrid of this project, and that other orchids are being cultivated, and each one will honour the region in the same way.

Samantha Gannon

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