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Forbes Article Brings Hope to Porto Santo

The General-Director of Vila Baleira, Bruno Martins has expressed his pleasure that North American magazine, Forbes has highlighted Porto Santo beach as one of the top ten European beaches to visit this summer.

In an article, the magazine states that Porto Santo beach as one of the safest and longest in Europe, allowing visitors to socially distance themselves throughout the post-confinement phase.  This, according to Bruno Martins, is equal to receiving a ‘Clean & Safe European’ label, providing much-needed confidence and support to the island’s tour operators.

In a statement, he said “we are hopeful for the next three months, as many tourists will want to travel this summer. However, the fears that many feel when choosing their holiday destination are natural.” For this reason, the head of the Portosantense hotel reiterates some of the arguments highlighted by Forbes, confirming that the number of cases of infection in Madeira were low, and, in the case of Porto Santo, residual.

Bruno Martins considers this initiative as crucial, as it “gives greater confidence to tourists who, at this moment, have not yet decided where they are going to spend their holidays.”

Flights to Porto Santo Island will resume on the 1st of July, and the director-general of Vila Baleira assures that his hotel has all the necessary security measures in place.

Samantha Gannon

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