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Tourism Activities -Slow Growth to Normality


The Regional Government of Madeira has defined the operating rules for maritime-tourism, tourist entertainment companies and travel agencies, which are only expected to return to some form of normality from September onwards.

A note from the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, published in the Autonomous Region of Madeira’s Official Journal, states that, “in the exercise of maritime-tourist activities, the maximum capacity of vessels is based on two capacity conditions: vessels with a capacity of up to 60 passengers and those with more than 60 passengers.”

For vessels with capacity for up to 60 passengers, occupancy rates are staggered. 70% of their capacity may be utilised until the end of June, 90% during July, and no restrictions will apply from August onwards. On the other hand, occupancy for vessels with capacity of more than 60 passengers is restricted to 70% of capacity until the end of July, 90% during August, and no restrictions from September onwards.

These restrictions do not apply, to small boats without an engine and jet skis.

Turning to the provision of services by tourist entertainment companies or travel and tourist agencies, related to cultural tourist activities, open air tourism or mere transport within the scope of their own activities, the carrying capacity of motor vehicles is limited to 70% until the end of June, 90% for July and from August all restrictions will be lifted.

These restrictions, however, do not apply to the transportation of members from the same household.

Walking guides, whether in urban, rural or ‘natural surroundings’ can only be accompanied by a maximum of twenty-five people.

In all activities, whether maritime tourism or tourist entertainment, all clients and tourist staff must have access to hand hygiene products, the use of protective mask by customers and employees, as well as the cleaning and disinfecting of the vessel or vehicle’s interior after each trip.

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