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PS-M Demands the Re-opening Island’s Northern Emergency Services

The parliamentary group of PS-Madeira held a press conference this morning (Saturday 30th of May), in front of the Santana Health Centre, demanding the resumption of emergency services to the north of the island.

Socialist deputy, Tânia Freitas, spokesperson for the group, stated that “our presence here, in front of the Santana Health Centre is to demand the re-opening of the parish’s emergency service, as well as the resumption of all emergency services in the different health centres along the north coast. At the beginning of this pandemic, it was necessary to take drastic measures to combat the health crisis, however, and since we are in a period of uncertainty, despite the resumption of several economic activities, including the reopening of schools, we demand that health services be opened to provide health care for the population, who are undergoing enough stress and uncertainty as it is.” Her biggest fear, she said, was that these services may not re-open again.

For this reason, the Parliamentary Group of PS-Madeira, has delivered to the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, and the Regional Secretary for Health, several documents demanding the resumption of emergency and normal health care services to the north of Madeira.”

Samantha Gannon

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