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Stop Begging – Says Cristina Pedra

Madeiran businesswoman, Cristina Pedra, is distressed at the level of begging by the region’s business sector particularly as all sectors of the economy are affected by different realities.  While outlining measures that can help the pandemic struck business sector she said that it is not possible to help everyone and self help is also important.

At a human level, she declared that 60% of the population have suffered a drop in income as a result of the pandemic. The Food Bank has received an additional 55,000 requests for weekly help and 20% of those infected in hospitals were there because families were unable to accommodate them. And because “we are human and the economy comprises of human activity” the state must be there to support those in most need.

Concluding she said that the Portuguese economy, and especially that of Madeira, had Pre-Covid problems particularly the islands almost total dependence on tourism.

Samantha Gannon

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