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Extending a Welcoming Hand

The Regional Director of Communities and External Cooperation (DRCCE), Rui Abreu, today initiated a cycle of meetings with Institutions and Associations representing Madeirans who have returned to the island and foreigners who have chosen to make Madeira their home.  The first meeting was with the president of VENECOM, Ana Cristina Monteiro, at the DRCCE, who praised the way the Regional Government is working to combat the pandemic crisis, and its commitment to integrating Madeirans returning from Venezuela.

Talking about the resumption of meetings, Rui Abreu said that we want to maintain a close and permanent contact with returnees to the island and with foreigners for whom Madeira is now their home, and through these meetings identify their desires and problems.  He went on to stress that the main objective of this initiative is “to facilitate the total integration of these communities in Madeiran society ”

The meeting discussed a number of topics included food support for needy families and VENECOM’s solidarity action in collaboration with Cáritas. Rui Abreu also took note of the extension of residence permits, which have expired during the current pandemic, when containment has led to a slowdown in the response capacity of some departments.

Rui Abreu also considers that these meetings are very fruitful as they enable a faster and positive response to all those who seek the services of DRCCE. “There is mutual knowledge, an exchange of information, a deepening of ties, which allows for a quicker and more assertive response to those people who request our support and who know they can always count on us. Associations are our partners, our connection to returnees and foreigners residing in Madeira.”

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