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Jellyfish Alert

The Regional Directorate for the Environment and Climate Change has issued a warning for bathers to be aware of a ‘large presence of jellyfish’ in the waters around Madeira.

It would appear that there are several species enjoying the warm weather and lockdown, and warn those swimming off the beaches of the island to be aware as jellyfish have “potentially stinging and venomous tentacles.’

If you are stung – do not rub the affected area; do not wash with fresh water or alcohol; do not apply compresses; instead wash with sea water and carefully remove, using gloves, any tentacles glued to the skin; apply baking soda mixed in equal parts with sea water.  In the case of the Portuguese Man O’ War instead of water and baking soda, apply vinegar.”

If in doubt, seek medical advice.

Samantha Gannnon

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