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Regional Government Will Pay for PCR Testing

In a turnaround, Eduardo Jesus, Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, has confirmed that from July, the cost of the Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR) for all passengers arriving in Madeira will be borne by the Madeiran Government.

The decision was discussed and approved by the Regional Executive, with Eduardo Jesus affirming that this measure has been taken to ‘guarantee trust and security,’ not only for the Madeirans in general, but also for all passengers disembarking at Madeira International Airport, as well as tourism sector workers. Furthermore, Eduardo Jesus, believes that by testing everyone who disembarks as well as carrying the cost of testing will not harm the island’s competitiveness, as it does not increase costs and ensures that Madeira’s position in the global tourism market remains strong and confident.

Finally, he went on to say that this was the message the island needs. “For those who travel, because they realise that there is a specific safety policy in place making the island a safe holiday destination. For our population, the security in knowing that any outside influences are controlled, and last but not least, it will provide all workers within the tourism sector with confidence to perform their daily tasks.”

Samantha Gannon
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