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Jardim Offers Support to Miguel Albuquerque

The former head of the Madeiran Executive, Alberto Jardim, considers that should Miguel Albuquerque become a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, such a move will be seen “as above all, a regionalist cry which will decentralise the whole country particularly as both the Prime Minister António Costa and President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa are symbols of a concentrated and centralised Lisbon government.”

However, Miguel Albuquerque has not yet confirmed his candidacy although he has said that, Jardim has already turned him into an electoral manifesto.  In the wings, Alberto Jardim has categorically stated “We Madeirans, and proud to be Portuguese, have a duty before the national community to say: ‘There is an alternative here which embraces regionalisation and decentralisation of the current government.”

Alberto João Jardim also spoke about Madeira’s relationship with the continent: “There is no separatist idea on Madeira’s part unlike the present situation in other European Union countries. Not only did the central state never recognise the patriotism of the Madeirans, but on top of that, it marked us as a unitary state. The unitary state is a centralist situation, a colonial situation, and what we defend here [in Madeira] is national unity, which is very different from a unitary state.”

Finally, he concluded that the current constitutional system of the country requires a complete overhaul and that Miguel Albuquerque is the man who could achieve this.

Samantha Gannon

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