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Murder in Garajau

The Judiciary Police are currently following two lines of investigation with regards to the alleged murder of a 62-year-old man in Rua da Olaria, Garajau yesterday. The man was found by his nephew in the bath.  His hands had been tied behind his back and his face and head covered with cling film.  Although no one has been arrested, the police have said that they have a suspect.

The police are currently looking at two scenarios.  The first is a sexual experiment that went wrong. The second is that is was personally motivated rather than a random attack. Either way, the victim died of asphyxiation. However, an autopsy is underway to confirm the cause of death.

At this moment, the Judicial Police are working closely with the Public Security Police’s Criminal Investigation Department.  They already have one suspect, but investigations have tenuously led to possible second murder suspect.

Local newspaper, JM says that the investigation is going according to plan and that there may be an arrest in the next few hours. At the moment, all evidence points to murder.

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