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Opening For Business

The President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque lunchtime conference gave hope for many businesses and residents as he eased the lockdown restrictions on some of the island’s commercial and social activities.

  1. From Sunday the 10th of May, Porto Santo beach will be re-opened, with bathers strictly adhere to the social distancing.
  2. Places of worship can re-open from tomorrow the 9th of May.  The new rules of opening state that the wearing of masks is mandatory, social distancing must be maintained, admission is strictly limited to one third, everyone must wash their hands before entering the building and during the service is required. after any ‘religious acts.’  Processions are, however, banned for the immediate future.
  1. Gyms are allowed to re-open from the 12th. However, indoor group classes are forbidden as is access to locker rooms.  Again, admission is restricted to a third, and group lessons can take place if they are out of doors.  Maximum stay per person is one hour.
  2. Madeira’s beaches will be opened again from Friday the 15th of May.  However, there will be specific social distancing rules and regulations.  These will be announced on Thursday the 14th.
  3. Coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, pastry shops and terraces will be allowed to re-open on the 18th of May, provided there are no further outbreaks of Covid-19.  The Regional Government, Public Health entities and sector representatives, are currently drawing up new operating guidelines.  An announcement is expected to be issued next week.
  4. The island’s nightlife is to remain on hold as the President stated, it is one of the hardest activities to control and monitor and until a feasible solution is reached, Madeira’s hot spots will remain closed.
  5. Although beaches are to be re-opened, swimming pools, spas, jacuzzi’s will remain closed for public health reasons.

Finally, the President stated that although some relaxation in terms of business could be implemented, the situation could change if there is an upsurge in Covid-19 cases.

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