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Pandemic Will Create a ‘New Poor’

The President of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira (ALM), José Manuel Rodrigues is aware that “Madeira is and will experience, perhaps, the greatest economic and social crisis of our lives, which will lead to high unemployment and an exponential increase in poverty.”

Visiting the Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome (BA), José Manuel Rodrigues confirmed that social support institutions would be “the great weapon” that the public sector has to help fight hunger in Madeira, primarily through the emergence of a ‘new poor’.  The President of ALM, who donated five thousand euros to the Food Bank, which supports fifty social institutions.

Aware that some are experiencing difficulties, the head of the regional parliament appealed to the Madeirans asking them to contribute, not just to the BA, but also to other social care institutions to minimise “troubled periods which are affecting us all. This economic crisis is going to turn into a social pandemic. We are trying to win – and we will win – the health pandemic, but the social and economic pandemic will take some time to win.  There will be victims, and we need to minimise the risks and damages caused by Covid-19.”

Fátima Aveiro, speaking on behalf of the food bank thanked the Madeiran Legislative Assembly for their donation and hoped that it would inspire others to do the same, at a time, she said, when requests for help are on the increase.

Concluding, she added that the current economic crisis will affect people on all levels and that there is ‘no shame in asking for help.’

Samantha Gannon

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