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What the 4th of May Could Mean


According to Observador, Monday the 4th of May will hopefully see small shops and stores opening their doors.

This first phase is said to allow commercial establishments of 200 square metres or less to open up. So it’s good news for small shops, companies, hairdressers and bookstores. This new measure relates to properties whose doors open out to the street, which would seem to rule out shops in shopping centres. It also means that a maximum of eight people can be in a shop of 200m² at any one time as only one person per 25m² is allowed. Hairdressers and barbers will only be able to attend to customers who book an appointment

It also appears that some ‘individual’ sporting activities will be allowed to resume, such as golf, tennis, paddle tennis. However, access to facilities, i.e. changing rooms, will not be available until a later date.

On the 18th of May, providing the government sees evidence that the coronavirus is still under control, shops up to 400m² will be allowed to open. In addition, some cultural spaces and restaurants will be able to open, however, occupancy will remain at 50%. Furthermore, some children will be allowed to return to school (11th and 12th year as well as crèches). But parents can opt to remain at home with their children and receive family support.

It also looks like football will start again over the 30th and 31st of May. However, all games will be played behind closed doors.

If all goes well, then the remaining shops will be allowed to open on the 1st of June, although further clarification is still needed about those in shopping centres.

At the moment, there are some activities, that as yet, have no ‘opening’ date. These include beaches, nightclubs, bars and gyms.

According to the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, restaurants and bars will remain closed.  Those with take away services will still be allowed to operate. 

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