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Post Emergency State – Restaurants to Ask Customers to Wash Hands and Have Temperature Taken

Sitting at safe distances, hand washing, measuring body temperature and carrying out Covid-19 tests on employees are some of the restaurant rules, the Government of Portugal is proposing for our post-state of emergency future. 

Jorge Santos, a restaurant entrepreneur and responsible for BB Gourmet in Campo Alegre, Porto, knows by heart the new rules he will have to implement at his establishment when the government allows him to reopen.

“Customers will need to book beforehand. Upon arrival, we will measure the customer’s temperature and, if it does not correspond [to a safe value], they will not be able to enter. Each table has to be two metres away from the next and menu’s will be available on either a phone application or restaurant tablet. He also foresees that food orders arrive at the table with employees wearing visors, masks and gloves.  While online payment or cards will become the preferred methods of payment. This, he says will in effect halve the number of customers he can deal with at any one time

Furthermore, the proposal suggests that all employees will undergo body temperature tests on entering and exiting work as well as undergoing routine tests, which says Daniel Serra, the President of the National Association of Restaurants PRO.VAR (Promote and Innovate National Restoration) should be undertaken by all restaurant employees and financed by the state.  He went on to say that “It is important for the government to organise screening either weekly or fortnightly for all employees to create a safe and secure working environment. Also, the association recommends a “complete disinfection” of tables and chairs after customers leave.

“There has to be absolute safety for the workers and trust from the customers who frequent our restaurants. We want to have extreme security, so we create the utmost confidence and become an example to the world.  This way, we can encourage tourism and safeguard our futures.

Samantha Gannon

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