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Masks – A Torment for Some


The absence of the masks promised by the Regional Government is generating impatience and uncertainty within the population in some areas of Câmara de Lobos. The mood was further aggravated when as the delivery of personal protective equipment (PPE) has been sporadic, and items have not matched what was initially agreed by the government.  

Joana Ramos Pestana, who lives in one of the condominiums on the site, spoke to journalists, describing how a ‘mutinous mood’ is beginning to prevail as many consider that they have been “cheated” as the PPE, they have received are the ones without filters.  Even worse, some people’s envelopes were without masks altogether!  

Although understanding that everyone is under pressure and that mistakes can happen, she said they do not deserve substandard products.  She is taking this matter up with the Regional Secretariat of Health and Civil Protection.

Samantha Gannon

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Madeira Weekly