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Revolt in Cabo Girão

A revolt in Cabo Girão was broken up by police this afternoon as the decision to move those infected with Covid-19 from Câmara de Lobos to the Hotel Property Bond in Cabo Girão was announced.  The anger arises from the movement of infected people into an area that has no recorded cases.  Secondary is the fury that the Pestana group has refused to accommodate those from Câmara de Lobos in their hotel on the harbour front.

As one protester said, “no one wants to create conflict, and we only want what is fair. First use the hotel unit down there (Câmara de Lobos) which is where the contagion is, then they can end their quarantine here at a later date.”

Meanwhile, the municipality of Câmara de Lobos is preparing the transfer of infected people to the site, which they say will be both safe for those affected and the local population.

The Mayor and Civil Protection Authority of the Municipality, Pedro Coelho, spoke to protesters asking them for understanding in the face of the awkward moment which is affecting the parish. When speaking to councillor Leonel Silva, who is taking part in the logistical part of the transfer, he stressed the work that the authorities are carrying out at the moment would ensure the safety of both patients and the local population.

“There will be 24/7 police surveillance.  We are working for the safety of everyone, those who come and those who live here,” reiterated the Mayor. “The transfer of patients has not yet started and will only happen when the authorities think that everything is under control.”

Leonel Silva said, “the hotel management was swift to react and that the site is perfect as it is isolated and outside the containment area!”

It was a small but intense protest with heated arguments between police and protesters, who were trying to respect social distancing at all times.

Samantha Gannon

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