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Câmara de Lobos – Living Intense Days

The population of the parish of Câmara de Lobos, confined behind a containment fence has by and large, complied with the parishes lockdown rules, but there have been “intense” days with many requests for help, said the president of the local parish council, Celso Bettencourt to reporters. “It has been an intense day, with the role of local authorities at the forefront, to work and try to minimise the impact this situation is having on our parish.”

Due to a focus of Covid-19, and with 16 people infected in the social housing complex of Cidade Nova, in the centre of the parish of Câmara de Lobos, the Regional Government of Madeira, after hearing the health authorities, determined the establishment of a confinement zone around the parish from 00:00 on Sunday and for 15 days. “In general,” Celso Bettencourt said “the population has complied with the rules of confinement, although there are always some who ignore the law and are walking around without wearing masks.  In these situations, we always raise awareness, but when it doesn’t work, we have to ask the authorities to intervene. However, the vast majority are complying and only leaving their homes to go to the supermarket, pharmacy and post office.”

He went on to say that when the ‘siege’ was announced, the parish council received hundreds of phone calls from people who were unsure if they could or could not leave the parish for work.” Guidelines state, that at this moment, the quarantine DOES NOT allow residents to leave the district under any circumstance.”

Furthermore, there have been requests for support from families who have become isolated, especially the elderly who need help with shopping and the collection of medicines.

One of the problems the local authority is trying to solve, is the distribution of locally grown crops to markets outside the containment zone.

Samantha Gannon

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