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Prime Minister to Discuss Lifting Religious Ceremony Restrictions

Call me cynical, but with a petition now going ahead to approve the President of Portugal’s – Portugal Day celebrations – where 130 guests will assemble in an ‘enclosed’ space,  the Prime Minister of Portugal will meet on Monday with the Patriarch Cardinal of Lisbon, Manuel Clemente, to discuss the lifting of limitations on religious celebrations.

According to reporters, the Prime Minister asked to be received by Manuel Clemente, and the meeting will take place at the Seminary of Olivais, at 09:00 to discuss the best way to prepare for the lifting of limitations on religious services.

On the 13th of March, even before the state of emergency was declared in Portugal, the Portuguese Episcopal Conference, also chaired by Manuel Clemente, decided to suspend masses, catechesis and other acts of worship until the current health crisis due to the pandemic is over.

While on the 6th of April, the Shrine of Fatima announced that the International Anniversary Pilgrimage in May will be celebrated this year without the physical presence of pilgrims, but that the main celebrations, will be transmitted by social and digital media.

The Government decree on the third period of the ‘State of Emergency’ in Portugal, which has been in force since Saturday and remains in effect until the 2nd of May, maintains almost all of the restrictions and rules established nearly a month ago. Included among them, is the ban on religious celebrations and services that involve an agglomeration of people.

Samantha Gannon

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