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It Maybe Your Party! But I’m Not Coming….

The President of the CDS-PP announced today that he would not go and celebrate Portugal Day with the President of Portugal on the 25th of April because he disagrees with it and feels that the President is setting a bad example to the nation.

In a statement and video sent to the newsrooms, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos says that the CDS-PP called for a change in the national celebrations due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.  He goes on to say that “The Conference of Leaders insisted on maintaining the ceremony, despite the disagreement of the CDS, who deem allowing 130 people in an enclosed space, some of whom belong to risk groups sets a “bad example to the nation, and does not respect the sacrifices the people are making.”

The CDS leader stresses that the Portuguese have been repeatedly asked “not to participate in religious celebrations such as Easter, not to embrace their children, parents and grandparents.  They are unable to say goodbye to their loved ones, and told that they must remain indoors. This has led to high levels of unemployment and inertia throughout the working population, with many saying that they won’t go back to work, even though they cannot afford to pay their bills.

“Democracy outside parliament cannot be worth less than democracy within parliament and by celebrating the 25th of April further separates the elite from the people, or at the least shows that some are freer than others and contempt for the general populous at large!” Declared the CDS-PP President.  And for that reason, he added, he will celebrate Portugal Day in a responsible manner that honours the sacrifices of the Portuguese, and in doing so, will join his fellow celebrants in marking this occasion ‘at home.’

“Portugal asks us to live up to our people, but not, to be above them.” He concluded.

Samantha Gannon

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Madeira Weekly