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JPP Request Extended Electricity Payment Exemption

Although this issue has already been raised by Juntos pela Povo (JPP) deputy, Élvio Sousa, he has reiterated his call for taxpayers of the Autonomous Region of Madeira ( RAM) to be exempt from paying electricity bills while Madeira remains in a State of Emergency.

With the extension of the State of Emergency, at least, until the 17th of April or now, the 2nd of May, which has forced people to stay at home, lose or at least be temporarily unemployed with no income, the JPP ask how people are expected to pay their bills?  Stating that the regional government should extend electricity payment exemption to all taxpayers in the region, stating:

  1. The loss of revenue of several regional companies creating job insecurity.
  2. More than 1,800 companies have already resorted to laying off staff, thus creating a loss of income for many.
  3. The OECD has already reported an increase in unemployment rates, as a result of Covid-19, in all countries affected by the pandemic, and the region is expected to follow the same trend, with the increase in the number of unemployed and, consequently, a higher number of individuals and families experiencing economic vulnerability.
  4. Electricity is an essential asset for the population, which covers various daily needs.
  5. Portugal is one of the countries in Europe where consumers pay higher tariffs than those in neighbouring countries.

With this in mind,  the JPP reiterates the need to maintain this measure of support for all RAM taxpayers, namely individuals, families, companies, institutions of a social, cultural, environmental and sporting nature.

Samantha Gannon

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