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Ireneu Barreto Thanks PSP

“I came here just to say thank you. As I said on other occasions, this is the challenge of our lives. We will never be the same world and the same people again. There will be a pandemic before and after.” Said the Representative of the Republic, Ireneu Barreto, as he stood outside the Public Security Police Station, Funchal today.

Affirming that in the first line of combat to the Covid-19 pandemic are the health professionals, to whom “we will always recognise.” Ireneu Barreto went to say that “our second line is the prevention, the control of the pandemic, and without this prevention, we can never eradicate the disease.”

“That is, why the action of all those who on the ground is fundamental in the prevention of  indiscipline, lack of conscience, ignorance and behaviour patterns that are dangerous to themselves and society as a whole.” He concluded.

Samantha Gannon

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