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How to Make Your Own Mask


The Regional Government of Madeira has just launched a video showing how to make your own protective mask at home.

In the video, the Government reiterates that the use of a mask is “a responsible act of citizenship in the fight against COVID-19” and asks the population to make their own masks.

You will need: 
– Cut two pieces of fabric, 100% cotton, reusable, in size 20 cm by 15 cm
– Cut two 20cm rubber bands. Tie a knot at each end, and leave a space of 15 cm between the two knots.
– Join the two pieces together, sew and attach the elastics at each end, leaving an opening to place a filter, if you wish.
– Iron, make 4 pleats and sew again.
– If you want to use a filter, you can buy it in pharmacies.
– Cut the filter to the size of 9 by 18 and place it inside the mask.

Below is a ‘How to’ mask making video.  

Samantha Gannon

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