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Covid and the Matrix

Do you remember the Matrix, the fabulous cinema trilogy? We were drawn to it because the Weinstein brothers managed to include almost all archetypes the human consciousness has to offer: The hero’s journey, the sacrifice, the crucifixion, alongside with difficult choices, and tons of valour, endurance and Kung Fu (and with Keanu, to boot…)

As a child, I never understood why adults would pepper me with fairy tales. They were ludicrous and unbelievable. A girl is in a coma, and we wake her up with a kiss? From my grandmother’s stories as doctor’s assistant, I knew this picture to be false. And then there is the tale of an old woman in the forest, practicing cannibalism? Please…

But the Matrix Movies worked because they also displayed a humanity in bondage, asleep and being kept asleep by a phantasmagoria, and preferring to not see reality. Which one would you pick? The Red Pill or the Blue Pill? Maybe we are now at point in Europe where we might see that we are moving toward such a state as well. Has Covid shattered the glass around this illusion? Will we wake up from a dream, too good to be true?

The state values human life above the economy, and, apart from a collapsing economy, potential side effects such as malnutrition, starvation and medical problems for non-Covid patients are suddenly acceptable. Is that really what we want?

The powers that be want to keep the image that we are all valuable and that they care for us. They need as many citizens as possible to justify their existence. They assure us that our life as it was, will be restored asap. We are to be kept inert and docile, to work and create GDP, to shove money around in a circuit that benefits a few.

Strange again…

I feel I am an egg stuffed into the egg box for the supermarket shelf. My freedom of association has been curtailed; I cannot even have coffee with a friend in a coffee shop. What is next?  In three to four months, when the first Covid madness is over, an app will trail my movements. If I inadvertently cross paths with a supposedly infected person, out of the blue I will be quarantined at home, forced to cease my business activities again. Sorry, clients, you have to wait for two weeks until I am freed again!?

Remember how the Matrix started? People were stuck in bags, dangling somewhere in a grand system, producing energy for the machines while meanwhile, their souls were fed a pleasant fantasy life in a nice world.

The Matrix is not as far away as we think.

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