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Masks Are Mandatory

During his daily address the Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos stated that the use of protective masks against the covid-19 pandemic is mandatory.  

In his Covid-19 videoconference, he stressed that the Regional Government has the responsibility to assign protective masks to the population. This measure has shown to have a positive impact on controlling the transmission of Covid-19 in other countries.  These will be distributed from next week and will be mandatory.

He added that the Regional Government “hopes that on the 14th or 15th of April we will have 250 thousand masks ready for distribution to the population. And, at a later stage, as restrictions are gradually lifted, I think we can come up with a scenario where the use of the mask will be mandatory.”

Journalists further questioned Pedro Ramos about his stance on people who insist on promoting gatherings and try to travel from one municipality to another.  The minister stated that he considered them to be “one-off cases.”  On the first day of the “Easter at Home” operation, the region’s PSP sent 700 drivers back home!  He went on to say that “The population has behaved very well, and these cases are a sign that the PSP is doing its job.  Transgressors, he said, would not tarnish the collective spirit of the island.  

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