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April Musical ‘Quarantine Sessions’

The second set of ‘Quarantine Sessions’ is well underway, and with an extensive musical programme, there is something for everyone.

The idea came from Madeiran musician Miguel Pires, who decided to challenge several of his professional colleagues to join him in carrying out concerts in which artists play and sing from their homes, respecting the rules of social isolation, and all the rules the State of Emergency rules.

The response to the first set of sessions has been positive, prompting a second set.  Online audience participation has been high, especially as Miguel never misses an opportunity to interact with fellow artists, accepts online song requests and always adds humour to his set.

In addition to the excellent feedback from their virtual audiences, Miguel Pires says that his fellow musicians are genuinely enjoying playing online. Although a ‘like’ or a comment on a social network can never compare to actual applause, this way, they remain connected to their audience and continue to keep music very much alive in Madeira.

With the current pandemic situation, musicians and other arts professionals are without paid work. Even so, according to Miguel Pires, the adhesion of the artists to his invitation was practically immediate, since the love for art, music and the respect that musicians have for their audience, at a time when their musical career is on standby in terms of profitability, are factors that lead artists to resort to new technologies to do what they like most.

The concerts started on the 8th and continue to the 16th at 7 pm every evening at (


10/04 -Franco

11/04 – Marina Trindade

12/04 – Luís Salvador

13/04 – Sarah Borges

14/04 – Lee Jones

15/04 – Alexandra Barbosa

16 / 04 – Tiago Silva

Samantha Gannon

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